Steak Sandwich

Shredded BBQ Seitan ‘Steak’, Smokey Caramelised Onions, Fire Roasted Peppers, Sriracha ‘Mayo’, Sweet Mustard on Toasted Brioche Sub Roll

Philly cheezesteak

Same as above - topped With melted cheeze whizz sauce

Hot Supreme

Same as above - Topped with pickled chillies & Scotch bonnet hot sauce!

Funghi ‘N truffle cheezesteak

shredded bbq seitan ‘steak’, melted cheeze whizz sauce, sautéed garlic ‘n thyme shrooms, caramelised onions, béarnaise, white truffle oil, toasted brioche sub roll

Steak fries

Our Philly ‘meat ‘n cheeze’ mix loaded onto thyme seasoned fries

Truffle fries

Thyme seasoned skin on fries, white truffle oil, béarniase

Thyme fries

Thyme seasoned skin on fries