philly cheezesteak

Shredded BBQ Seitan ‘Steak’, cheeze whizz sauce, Smokey Caramelised Onions, Fire Roasted Peppers, Sriracha ‘Mayo’, Sweet Mustard on Toasted Brioche Sub Roll

Philly no cheeze

Same as above - without the cheeze whizz sauce

Hot Supreme

cheezesteak Topped with pickled chillies & Scotch bonnet hot sauce!

Meal deal

order any sandwich and add thyme fries + drink for only £3 extra

combo box

steak fries, slaw, drink

steak fries

cheezesteak loaded fries

truffle fries

thyme seasoned skin-on-fries, white truffle oil, mayo

thyme fries

thyme seasoned skin-on fries


slaw, cheeze sauce, drinks