Philly cheezesteak

Shredded BBQ Seitan ‘Steak’, cheeze whizz sauce, Smokey Caramelised Onions, Fire Roasted Peppers, Sriracha ‘Mayo’, Sweet Mustard, sub roll

Philly no cheeze

Same as above - without the cheeze whizz sauce

Hot Supreme

cheezesteak, pickled chillies, hot sauce, sweet mustard, sub roll

Funghi ‘n truffle

shredded bbq seitan steak, cheeze whizz sauce, sauteed garlic ‘n thyme shrooms, white truffle oil, béarnaise, sub roll

Breakfast Sarnie

shredded bbq seitan steak, smashed hash browns, cheezy beans, caramelised onions, peppers, sriracha mayo, brown saucec, sweet mustard, sub roll (available weekends only)

the naughty fry up

shredded bbq seitan steak, double hash browns, thyme-seasoned skin-on fries, caramelised onions, peppers, cheezy beans, brown sauce, sweet mustard, fresh garnish (available weekends only)

Meal deal

order any sandwich and add thyme fries + drink for only £3 extra (takeaway/delivery only)

combo box

steak fries, sweet mustard, slaw, drink (takeaway/delivery only)

steak fries

cheezesteak loaded fries, sweet mustard

cheeze ‘n gravy fries

thyme-seasoned skin-on fries, cheeze whizz sauce, gravy, fresh garnish

truffle fries

thyme seasoned skin-on fries, white truffle oil, béarnaise

thyme fries

thyme-seasoned skin-on fries


slaw, cheeze whizz sauce, gravy, béarnaise, drinks